Due to COVID-19 prices for closures and frontals have gone up  tremendously and certain textures are not available. The reason for this is that in some places production of them has stopped and will not resume until 2021. Please be mindful of that when you noticed that our wig prices have changed as well. We still aim to get you the best proce for the best quality.
This service includes:
Hairline plucking
Knots bleached
Wash and conditioned
PLEASE BE SURE TO INDICATE HEAD SIZE if head size is not indicated you will be sent ONE email to request measurements. If we do not recieve a response in 48 hours we will refund your money and cancel your order.
All wigs come with ELASTIC BANDS and COMBS (not attached)
Want a certain style? send us an email with your order number and we will make it happen AT NO ADDITIONAL COST!!
Just choose your length and we do the rest. We provide everything you need so just sit back and let us create your beautiful wig with quality hair.

Wig Construction

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Closure Type
    Golden Steel Plate

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